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Micuna OVO High Chair
Micuna OVO high chair
Our Price: $459.00
Sale Price: $229.50
Savings: $229.50
The Micuna OVO is not just a baby high chair, it is a tailored seat.

Just as necessary as the crib to sleep, is the high chair to eat. The high chair is an essential element when the baby begins to eat solid food, usually starting at the sixth month of his life.

From that moment, the chair becomes a traveling companion essential for our baby, spending there several hours a day, since its use is not only restricted to meals, but sometimes the little ones use them as playground, etc.

To help set good habits with eating the high chair is made to encourage good posture. At lunchtime they should sit with their back up straight, resting at the chair back and with their feet flat on a footrest.

The Micuna OVO high chair is so very easy to clean with just a wipe with your favorite cleaner. The cushion is sold separately.

The Micuna OVO high chair is best for children 6 months to 6 years. Talk about a great shelf life!